What Gets You Moving?

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“Want some good cup of coffee, Mom?”

I have never been a morning person. I wanted to rise up singing, but had to force it. My husband always brought me a cup of coffee to my bed, which I am sure made our first contact more pleasant. Of course as a teacher I had to go to work early and learned to manage it. However, when I retired, my first thought was “Oh now I can sleep late!” The choice is what makes it so nice.

Billy goes to work at noon, so our mornings are wonderful. I snuggle into my sofa nest, he heats the thing to warm my back, brings me a cup of coffee and we watch his favorite TV program, Regis and Kelley. After the first cup he goes back to his apartment and I quickly change channels. Then I am ready for the day. But I did take a cake out of the oven last night at 11:30.

What gets you moving?

6 Responses to “What Gets You Moving?”

  1. Mary Says:

    What gets me moving? Today it was a triple header: coffee, deadlines, and fear.

  2. john Says:

    Thinking about how our roles change, rotate, and circle gets me moving.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Artificials–coffee, due dates, turning the ac down and the music up–they can make me move. For me to really be going though, it needs to be excitement. There's nothing like love and passion and hope and uncontrollable adrenaline.

  4. Tom Schulz Says:

    Responses get me jazzed. Dialogue. Open exchange. Judgment shuts me down. It silences the discussion, and ain't enough coffee in the World to get me past that.
    Apple, tree.

  5. Jane Schulz Says:

    Caddy, you are poetic! No wonder you get so much done.

  6. got2reply Says:

    During my recent vacation, I got to moving around 2 or 3 PM each day. Obviously, I am not a morning person either. Back in the day at WCU, my roommate – the one who died of breast cancer in the 90s – was not a morning person either. We did not talk in the mornings; just drank our coffee and went to class! The fact I must go to work Mon.-Fri. is the only thing that gets me moving during the week, but not until I've had a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea & a long, hot shower to ease the pain in my worn-out body. Pollye

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