Beautiful People (Part 1)

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Meet Mariah, who lives in Florida. You already know Billy.

Mariah and Billy met at a Down syndrome conference in Boston, in 2003. Mariah was with her mother Nancy, Billy and I were together, all of us attending a dance following the final dinner of the conference. Nancy and I began talking, Mariah and Billy just looked at each other. Mariah, about three or four, reached up to Billy and he lifted her up in his arms. It was a wonderful, natural moment, one I am delighted to have captured in a photograph.

Mariah is now in school in a regular classroom, reading, riding horseback, engaging in many extra-curricular activities. Nancy is a strong advocate for children and adults who have disabilities and has a blog, www.PODS, a parent support group for parents of children with Down syndrome in Florida.

If you go to a Down syndrome conference, you will be astonished to note that so many children and young adults look as if they belonged to the same family. After a while you begin to feel as if you are in a strange land, looking different from everyone else. You can see that similarity in the faces of Mariah and Billy. You notice the almond-shaped eyes, the smooth countenance, the small nose. And after a while you see the beauty.

Looking at this picture, I see innocence, openness, acceptance, wonderment. I see two beautiful people. What do you see?

5 Responses to “Beautiful People (Part 1)”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I see love.

  2. Jane Schulz Says:

    Courtney, you ARE love.

  3. Elaine Ross Says:

    I see a level of acceptance that I will probably never have, but pray that I would have. It is the the kind of "inclusiveness" that Jesus taught. Help us Jesus to grow into this kind of love.

  4. Jane Schulz Says:

    Elaine, you were one of the first people to accept, to embrace Billy and me when we moved to Kingsport. I think you live this kind of love; I want to be like you.

  5. DS Advocate Says:

    Hi Jane!! I am luvin your blog stories! This is such a wonderful picture of both Mariah & Billy!!!! Amazing how much their expressions are just like 'twins'!!

    See you at National again in Orlando this year in July!! Maybe we can get a new 'dancing picture' of the two of them again…she will be able to show Billy a few dance moves for sure…she's been taking lots of dance lessons since they first met! Mariah will be glad to dance with him again!

    Nancy n Mariah Harris …in Florida!
    321 FUN ~ Mariah's Blog

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