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We have been writing on blogspot and have decided to bring our blog directly to our website. Click on this image or the tabs above to explore the rest of the site, and come back to talk to us!

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16 Responses to “Welcome to the Grown Man Now blog!”

  1. johntheplantman Says:

    Whither thou goest I will follow. I like your new format. Keep up the good work

  2. Valerie (Hohing) Linn Says:

    Dear Jane, How delighted I was to see you and Billy on the Western Carolina U. cover. I have thought of you often and felt so blessed for the inspiration and support you provided while I was at WCU getting my BS degree. grad.’79. My career has grown organically and now I am an elementary school counselor working with students and their families. I can’t wait to get copies of your book and pass them along. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. I am cheering you on as you continue to make a tremendous difference, touching hearts, challenging minds, and lifting spirits.

  3. Jane Schulz Says:

    Valerie, it is great to hear from you. What an interesting direction your career has gone in; it sounds perfect for you. Working with families is critical and I know your influence makes a difference. Thank you for your kind words; I also cheer you on! With love, Jane

  4. David Farrington Says:

    Dear Jane,

    What a flood of precious memories came back to me as I read, “Pioneers Together” in Western Carolina Magazine. One that stood out was Billy riding the horse he had created. I remember you telling us that in class back in 1973. Gracious, it seems like yeaterday. I have to tell you, as I read your story, tears were rolling down my cheeks. I continue to teach special education and I use what you instilled in me to the best of my ability. I am in an alternative school setting in Gainesville, GA. You have been such an inspiration to me and countless others. For that I am eternally grateful. God bless you and Billy.


  5. Jane Schulz Says:

    Thank you, David, for your kindness. Has It been that long since we were in class together? I am so glad you are teaching and know your students love you. Keep up the good work! With love, Jane

  6. Embry Burrus Says:

    Hi, Jane & Billy,

    Congratulations on the beautiful piece in WNC magazine! You are both an inspiration, and I think it’s wonderful that more people are getting to read about you, and share your story. The good that one does serves the good of us all…I know that your story will continue to reach those who will benefit from reading it. All the best!

  7. Ed & Diane Elliott Says:

    Angela Luke is a dear friend of ours and we have spoken of you many times with her. She just called to tell us about the article in her WCU magazine. We are so happy to learn that you and Billy are alive and well. We remember with pleasure our visits with you and your family at your log cabin in Sylva. back when we lived in Florida. We have lived in Clayton, GA for almost 14 years now. The wooden name sign that we had made at the workshop in Sylva now hangs in Ed’s workshop in the basement. The stained glass plant hanger that Bill made for us unfortunately got broken in one of our moves.

  8. Jane Schulz Says:

    Embry, thank you for your good wishes. You and your book Mama and Margaret give such a positive view of our message: that Margaret and Billy add so much to our lives.
    Keep in touch! Love, Jane

  9. Robert Creech Says:

    What a surprise to see the recent cover of Western Carolina. My family recently vacationed in the mountains and visited WCU. As I walked aournd the older part of campus, I got “teary-eyed” realizing that it had been close to 40 years since I had wlaked the same sidewalks. I was an education major and enjoyed at least one of your classes. I had the privilege of swimming with Billy at Breese gym as part of the course.

  10. Jane Schulz Says:

    Robert, 40 years? How could that be? I’m sure Billy would remember you; he loved swimming with the students and actually did well in Special Olympics swimming. Thanks for touching base with us. Are you teaching?

  11. Robert Creech Says:

    I attended WCU from 1973-1977 and taught in Georgia and SC for 31 years. Now retired, I substitute teach (that’s teaching without the paperwork and meetings). I remember that Billy was excited to attend a Seals and Croft (?) concert on campus. It’s funny how little conversations and events stay in the mind and seem as fresh as yesterday.

  12. Jane Schulz Says:

    Robert, what a nice memory of Billy. He still loves concerts. You remind me of myself: you just can’t quit teaching! Good for you.

  13. Dona DePriest Says:

    Dear Jane and Billy,

    I attended WCU from 1983-1986. As I read these blogs I find that both of you were inspirational and shaped many young minds> Graduating with a degree in SPED I left the mountains and headed back home to Miami — I have thought of you both from time to time in my work. The few times I went back to WCU I always wanted to reconnect but the timing was bad.
    My fondest memories are the Special Olympic games we hosted and teaching swimming to many of our challenged youth in the area… — not to mention studying at your house with hot tea made from instant tea and cinnamon drop candies – you helped this Florida girl through many a wintery days. Im sure you have been to more graduations than you can remember but Ms Jane you made mine most special when you came running down the corridor with my honors chords.
    I too cried — boo hoo alligator tears of joy and happiness when I saw and read the article about you and Billy. I feel like it was yesterday that I left.
    I am inspired to come for homecoming — just to see you !!
    thank you – thank you – thank you !!!

  14. Jane Schulz Says:

    Dear Dona,

    How wonderful to hear from you! I remember many times with you also; you were an inspiring student! I would love to see you too, but you will have to come to Tennessee, and that would be great.

  15. Caroline Zimmerman Fisher Says:

    I graduated from WCU in special education in 1988. I was thrilled when I saw you and Billy on the recent WCU magazine. As stated by others, you were a great inspiration to me and both you and Billy have crossed my mind many times over the past 22 years. I will never forget your support the day I came to you and stated I did not want to teach in a classroom (even though I was in a teaching program)! You patiently opened my eyes to all of the career avenues I could take while supporting people with disabilities and I left WCU knowing many opportunities were waiting on me! I’ve since worked in residential and employment supports, advocacy, monitoring, and multiple other settings that have provided me with a career I truly love. I am so glad to hear you are both well and wish you all the best!

  16. Jane Schulz Says:

    Thank you, Caroline, for your kind remarks. I’m so glad you found a meaningful career and know you have been a blessing to many people. There are so many settings that serve people who have disabilities – all critical! Best wishes to you too.

    Love, Jane

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