A Change for Billy

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Photo of Billy Schulz standing in front of Food City in Colonial Heights

Billy Schulz Welcomes You to Food City, Colonial Heights!

Billy has worked at Food City for more than nine years. There are two stores, one on Eastman Road down town and one in Colonial Heights, where we live. Billy started at the Eastman Road store because that’s where he was placed and trained by Good Will. A few years ago, when they built a new store on Eastman Road, he worked at Colonial Heights during the building process. At that time I thought he might stay at Colonial Heights, but no, he wanted to be at the new store! And of course he wanted to work with his dear friend Jonathan.

This summer two things changed. The Colonial Heights store was enlarged and improved and, most meaningful, Jonathan moved away. Billy grieved when Jonathan left and felt a tremendous loss. He began to consider moving to the Colonial Heights store.

We talked with the  manager at Eastman Road, Ed Moore. If you have seen the interview with Ed on our website you know what a remarkable person he is. He agreed to allow Billy to relocate and we talked with the manager at Colonial Heights, who said he would have a place for Billy.

A very positive factor was the presence of Sue, an assistant manager at Colonial Heights, who had worked previously with Billy at Eastman Road, and had wanted Billy to join her. One day Billy said, “Mom, I ready to move to Colonial Heights.” I was delighted at the prospects of having him closer to home, about a five minute drive away, and just hoped he would not be lonely without the friends he had worked with for so long.

Sue and Billy Get Ready for the Day

One day last week, as I drove by to pick Billy up from his new store, one of the young women, a cashier, ran out of the store, calling “Hey, Billy, you forgot to hug me!”

Once again we have a happy man.

5 Responses to “A Change for Billy”

  1. johntheplantman Says:

    Thanks, I laughed with tears in my eyes.Good ol’ Billy.
    It doesn’t take him long at all, does it?

  2. Trish Says:

    What a wonderful story – I know you are So proud of Billy!! God bless!!

  3. Jane Schulz Says:

    John, Billy loves to hear from you. Hmmm – wonder where he gets that charm!

  4. Jane Schulz Says:

    Trish, we love to hear from you. Yes, I am proud of him; he is a good man. God bless you too!

  5. Erin Starnes Says:

    It was so nice to chat with you and your mom the other day at the store. I am so glad you are liking your move to Colonial Heights. I will come by and see you again soon!

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