My Brother’s Courage

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Billy Schulz Shovels Snow for His Mother

Billy Schulz Shovels Snow for His Mother

The bad weather we have had recently requires determination and courage and extra hard work for many of us. Billy’s service to me inspired his sister, Mary de Wit, to compose this poem for us.

My Brother’s Courage

My brother’s courage grips my heart these ways:
He concentrates on lacing tight his boots,
Assembles hat and gloves and arctic suit,
And with resolve, he steps into the haze.
His mission is to fetch the frozen news,
(This, after warming Mother’s shoulder pad,
Insuring she her phone and coffee had.)
He, cautiously, his icy way pursues.
His life is full of fear. Afraid to fall
On snow — or tumbling from a vista deck—
Offending, being dumb, bouncing a check…
Still every day he faces: smiling, tall.
From his perspective he might call us this:
Retarded, learning slowly who he is.

© 2011 Mary de Wit

11 Responses to “My Brother’s Courage”

  1. Tom Schulz Says:

    Billy Schulz is a constant source of inspiration in my life. If I’m faced with an obstacle, and don’t think I can go on or deal with it I simply think, “WWBD?”

  2. Dekie Hicks Says:


    I will be proud to call Billy my brother-in-law!

  3. johntheplantman Says:

    Billy is the most courageous man I ever met.
    He plays his cards well.

  4. Donna Wall Says:

    I think of Billy many times when I hesitate to learn something new because I’m lazy-minded. I remember that I need to persevere. I’m going to adapt Tom’s “WWBD?” I’ve copied Mary’s poem to hang right here in front on my bulletin board.

  5. Pollye Pruitt Says:

    Knowing how afraid Billy is of falling, I was surprised to see a picture of him shoveling snow. If I remember correctly, he did fall last winter. Now I know why Mary liked the quote I posted on facebook tonight. It was, “Courage faces fear and thereby masters it.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    What an awesome poem, Mary!

  6. Shari Evans Says:

    That’s a lovely poem, Mary. I admire Billy so much and I appreciate how all of your family teaches us so much about how to live life well.

  7. Barbara Monday Says:

    I don’t think we would be as brave if we had to face the same obstacles our adults with disabilities face each day. We can learn so much from them if we listen with our hearts.

  8. Jane Schulz Says:

    Barbara, I agree. I don’t think we have any idea of the number of things that perplex them. Our world is complex!

    Thanks to all of you for your insightful comments.

  9. Jackie Says:

    Wow, Mary! Could we add a poetry reading to the April presentation? I am yet again amazed with your family. Each of you is exceptional! (Dang-I wish I had italics.)
    Even though I haven’t met John or Tom yet, I keep seeing their colors as well.

  10. Pollye Says:

    That’s b/c the Schulz kids have an exceptional mom.

  11. Billy Schulz Says:

    I like my sister’s poem. I’m glad you like it, too.

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