The Gift of Grandchildren

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Grandchildren are the compensation for growing old. I felt that strongly during the week of Thanksgiving, when my granddaughter Carrie visited me. She was a wonderful child and now is a beautiful young woman. We share so many memories and this past week relived some of them.

I have a picture of Carrie standing on a chair, stirring something in a pot on the stove in my kitchen in North Carolina. I can’t find the picture but when she asked to cook with me I experienced that moment again. She wanted to make vegetable soup, French bread, and cheese cake, dishes that she remembered seeing and helping me make.
I have been fortunate enough to live near all of my grandchildren during their early years – in Georgia near Paul and J.R., North Carolina near Isaac and Carrie, and now in Tennessee where Daniel and Warren live. We visited each other frequently and have shared many delightful experiences.

It’s a funny thing about grandchildren – a feeling that has a place of its own. I think it’s tied to the feelings you have for their parents, with maturity and experience added. I have a spot on my shoulder that can still feel one of those little heads nestled into my embrace. I can see the joy on their faces when I arrived for a visit or welcomed them into my home. Those are memories – joys – that I cherished then and remember now.

And now seeing them as adults I add the immense pride in their accomplishments and ambitions, in the people they are becoming and have become. Now they cook with me, bring their friends to meet me, help me with my own projects as they develop theirs.

Grandchildren make those years worth the ones that are slipping by.
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