Dr. Jane B. Schulz, Billy Schulz

Meet Jane and Billy Schulz

Grown Man Now was written by Dr. Jane B. Schulz and published in 2008. The book, and much of Jane's life work for the civil rights of those who have disabilities, was inspired by her son Billy, now a 54-year-old man, who has Down syndrome.

The readers of Grown Man Now are responding with tremendous and emotional appreciation. We now know that this honest memoir touches and inspires teachers, students, people who have family members with disabilities, and the whole community seeking to understand and embrace others. We decided to augment the book's offerings with our video interview series "On the Record," a page of FAQs and photos.

We decided to share our story through Grown Man Now, and to continue our story through this website. We welcome people to respond and to share their own. If you'd like to "go on the record, too," just sign up through our blog.


microphone illustrationClick here to buy directly from the publisher: first edition and signed books available for a limited timeWhy the old-fashioned record?

Billy Schulz was born in 1956 into a family that loves to laugh, sing badly, and have fun. In our early days of growing up, we played the same old records until they cracked, scratched and wore through. We moved from 45's to Long Play records, and since the book, Grown Man Now, chronicles Billy's childhood and adult life, Long Play seemed like a good pun. Now Jane and Billy are "On the Record" in our video interview series.

Why the microphone?

Billy was a big fan of Tom Jones. His resourceful big brother, Tom, made Billy a microphone out of a wooden block, a rubber stopper and a piece of string. The house filled with Billy's enthusiastic renditions of Delilah, What's New, Pussycat? and It's Not Unusual. Add Ed Ames' Who Will Answer?, Trini Lopez singing The Green Green Grass of Home, The Sound of Music soundtrack, and the perennial family favorite, What Locks the Door? Why are so many of those song titles questions? Anyway, check out Billy's blogs in "Good Life" for more stellar recommendations on music, tv, movies and having fun!