My Blog: SHARING with Dr. Jane B. Schulz

For decades, I have written books, articles and papers in the traditional methodology: outlines, drafts, revisions. The publication process can be lengthy and taxing. Reaching the parents and professionals to whom I relate can be physically challenging and expensive.

How freeing it is to be able to share my thoughts, concerns, and experience as soon as I compose them! I started my blog in the autumn of 2009, and I look forward to adding new posts—if not with regularity, than certainly with inspiration. Please join me at Who knows what I'll be moved to say today, and you can leave comments there as well.

Some of the blogs are posted on this site, each on a page, and there are essays on topics I find compelling. I hope you join me in being interested in these subjects.

If there are questions you'd like to ask me directly, or conversations you'd like to see in the blog or our website, please click here to email me with your thoughts.

—Jane B. Schulz, EdD