My brother Tom made this a long long time ago. It's about Felix on The Odd Couple, and the frog in the blender. My brother Tom is a artist.

What do I think is fun?

A Blog by Billy Schulz

I like joking with my brother Tom. I have some favorite jokes I like to tell. Here's one:

What does a 500-pound mouse say?

"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty."

That one cracks Tom up every time.

My brother-in-law, Jos, has a pontoon boat. And I love it. Everybody gets in the boat, we sit down in the boat, and Jos drives the boat. I saw a ...(my mom doesn't let me say this word...) dam. I like to eat and drink on the boat. I like it when Daniel plays the guitar, and his harmonica. We sing "hoo locks a door." Go to my Top 10 music list to read about this song.

Jonathan is my good friend. He did have a big surprise birthday party and my mom and I got to go. I have fun when I work with Jonathan. Work is more fun when Jonathan is there. I got a video about this. I have lunch with Jonathan. I like to talk to him. Sometimes I have lunch with Courtney.

I think going shopping is fun. On Friday, I do my shopping. I like to get some birdseed for my mom, and some fluid for my mom's car. I like to look at all the videos. Sometimes I buy one, but not all the time. If you like movies, too, see if you like the same things like I do.

I love music. It's fun to look at all the CDs. I like to buy CDs.

When I'm by myself, I watch TV. I watch Bewitched, and I Dream of Jeannie. And a lotta stuff. Click here if you like to see my favorite shows.

I like everything. I might write some more later. I gotta go take a little nap.