This is my picture of Carly Simon with my name on it. I like that! Hang it up on my wall.

My Top 10 Favorite Songs:
A Blog by Billy Schulz

by Billy Schulz


1. Hoo Locks a Door

Click the name to listen on YouTube. I got that record a long time ago, and I play it and I sing it. My sister and my brother sing it with me. Here are the words:

Hoo locks a door to na yo yo evah nay?
All I need you give him.
I tried everthing, solid gold to say
Hoo locks a door to na yo yo evah nay.

2. Green Green Grass of Home

I like this song. Tom Jones sings it, and Trini Lopez. Click on the name to listen to Tom Jones. He's in jail. Trini Lopez is not on YouTube with this song. You got to go to I like the one with Trini Lopez. I had that record a long long time ago. I still have it. I like this song because it says

There to meet me is my mama and my papa
Down the road I look and there runs Mary

That's my sister's name. I like that.

Now I'm going to stop and get some lunch.

Okay, I feel better now. I had a hard boiled egg, chips and dip. It's delicious.

3. Where Oh Where Are You Tonight

If you click on that song, you see Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Buck Owens used to sing that on Hee Haw. I like that 'cause it's so funny. Plllllrrrrbbbb You a scone.

Speaking of Johnny Cash:

4. Boy Named Sue

I LOVE it! I got that on CD. I play it in the shower.

5. Ring of Fire

Down down down, burning ring of fire! Sometimes I sing this one. I don't know part of the words.

That's enough Johnny Cash

6. You're So Vain

Carly Simon, you got a good voice. And you are so beautiful. I got that frame, Tom and David gave that to me.

7. Kris Tofferson

This song is Jesus Was a Capricorn. Mind me of my brother John.

8. Desperado

The Eagles sing that song. I pick this one of Linda Ronstadt 'cause she's got a good voice. I went to see Linda Ronstadt one time at Western Carolina University. She was in the gym. It was a lot of people. She sings about the needle, too. I like that. But I like Desperado the best.

9. Galveston

A long time ago, I did watch Glen Campbell on television. I like Galveston a lot. He played Rhinestone Cowboy... and Everyday Housewife. Willie Nelson was on there. Willie Nelson came to Kingsport, I think it's for FunFest. I did go there with my brother John. He came to see me and Willie Nelson. At FunFest, we have fireworks. I'm a little bit scared of the fireworks, but I like it anyway. Michael and Gilgia got me earplugs. I like fireworks better with earplugs. I like music better than noise. That's it.

10. Delilah

I sing this in the shower. When I was little, I had a microphone. It's wood with a rubber band on it with a string on it. I like to sing all Tom Jones songs. I like Tom Jones in concert. The ladies threw the padded bra on the stage. Tom Jones wiped his face on it and threw it back. What's New, Pussycat? and It's Not Unusual -- those are good songs, too. I love that song, Impossible Dream, but I can't find a good video for you.

Good! That's ten.

But I'm not finished.

I have more than ten favorites.

11. The Partridge Family

Umbrella Man. David Cassidy has got a good voice. This song gets me a good beat. This is a good song for doing the cross-trainer. Shirley Jones, Susan Dey (you know her, she was on L.A. Law) and Danny Boneduce. I forgot that little sister -- we had to look it up -- Suzanne Crough. You might also like I Think I love You. I know I like it! Here's the egg, that's the start of the show.

12. Cat Stevens

Morning Has Broken I love this song. It makes me cry. Cat Stevens got a good voice. I have a record of Cat Stevens. My brother Tom gave that to me. And I got the CD of this one, it's about a Cat Named Frankenstein.

13. Barry Manilow

Okay, I'll let you know about this tomorrow.


I like I'll Fly Away. This is a picture of my friend, Russ Brogden, with me, singing I'll Fly Away at One Thing.

And I like Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Simon and Garfunkel sing that song.

And my grandmother's favorite song is "Rejoice and Be Glad In It."

And I don't know my mother's favorite song. You have to ask her.