We had a big, big snow this year. We can't get out of the driveway. When it stopped snowing, I had to get out and shovel that snow for my mom. We can't get out to church. Oh, well.

Billy Schulz shovels snow

My Home Life:
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I think the man of the house takes out the garbage. I take the garbage can up the hill on Tuesday nights. The garbage men come on Wednesday morning, you have to be ready. Our next door neighbor is not feeling good. I take her garbage to the street, too. I do that for her. On Wednesday, after I get home from work, I take the garbage cans back down. That's my job. My brother-in-law takes the garbage now because my nathew is at college. When my brother-in-law is out of town for work, I take the garbage can up, surprise my sister. She likes that. I like to help her. That makes me happy, helping my sister.

I am going to tell you some more about my home, next time I got a day off.