This is me and my friend Russ Brogden.

My Church:
A Blog by Billy Schulz

I got a lovely church, name is First Broad Street Methodist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. Me and my mom go there. I like it a lot. Everybody is friendly. I got a lot of friends there. We go to the Sunday School Class there, name is Teammates. I like to go there early, have a cup of coffee and a doughnut, see my friends. I got Max and Phyllis, and Rhetta, and Cindy, and Nina Bard, and Bill Bard, and a lot of friends, like Margie. Margie gives me a big hug, and I like that.

At church, I am a usher. I did talk about that on the movie about my life. Go see that one, you will like it. On Sunday, I put on my tie and my sportcoat, I like to look nice. I help Nancy Tate. She is so pretty and so nice to me, and I like to help her a lot. I give everybody the papers. I pass the offering plate. They need me be a usher. In church I pray and I sing with everybody. Sometimes I help with that communion. I'm on David Lively's team. David says I am the best usher.

I like to sing songs. One time, I did go to One Thing at my church. My friend Russ Brogden plays the guitar. I turn the pages for the words so everybody sings the songs. We do not have One Thing any more, but I still got my friend Russ. Russ is married to Joyce. She is so pretty and so nice, too. I did go to Knoxville with Joyce and Russ. Luke did make a recording of songs with us. I like the song I'll Fly Away. I like a lot of songs. I play that CD Luke did make for me. I like it a lot.