Billy Schulz, Jane B. Schulz

Good News:
Our Presentations

We love to talk with people!

We hope that this website—through the videos, questions and answers, and our personal photos and opinions—will continue where Grown Man Now left off. We give presentations when we can, but are grateful to have this way to continue our dialog with others, too. We encourage you to go on the record with us on our blog.

Below are some of the presentations we have on our upcoming schedule and some of the ones we have done in the past.

We have been videotaping some of our talks, and some other things about our lives, and we hope to add these over time. So please check our blog, join us on FaceBook, or reach out as you like to do. Thank you for your interest.


Upcoming Presentations

March 22, 2010
7 pm

Troop 387 Scouts
Colonial Heights Methodist Church, Kingsport, TN
Click here for information about the Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge.

April 6, 2010
11:00 am

Special Education 405 Class, Dr. David Westling, Room TBA
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC

April 29, 2010
4:00 pm

Special Education, Dr. Cynthia Chambers,
Room 415, Warf-Pickerel
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN

September 13, 2010
9:45 am

Newcomers of Cleveland
Broadstreet United Methodist Church,
155 Central Avenue NW,
Cleveland TN

Some of Our Past Presentations

November 2, 2009

59th Conference on Exceptional Children / Public Schools of North Carolina / State Board of Education / Department of Public Instruction
Workshop: Walk a Mile in Their Shoes: Developing and Maintaining Positive Working Relationships in Order to meet the Needs of Children with Disabilities. Dr. Jane B. Schulz and Pollye Pruitt, Exceptional Children Division, NCDPI will provide information on teamwork and communication from their experiences walking in the shoes of a parent and a professional.

June 22, 2009

Presentation to the Aging and Disability Resource Connection Conference, Coosa Valley RDC / Northwest Georgia Area Agency on Aging
The Aging and Disability Resource Connection Conference targeted toward service providers for both Aging and Developmental Disability services. Thank you for inviting us!

May 23, 2009

Rome-Floyd County Library in Rome, Georgia
Thank you for inviting and sponsoring us, DIGS and Friends of the Library! For more information about DIGS (Developing Independence, Growth & Security), click here.

April 14, 2009

Special Education 405 Class: Presentation and Discourse
Western Carolina University
, Cullowhee, North Carolina:
Special thanks to David L. Westling, Adelaide Worth Daniels Distinguished Professor of Special Education, who reviewed Grown Man Now and then chose it as part of his coursework for the class. Jane and Billy have been presenting in Dr. Westling's Special Education classes for several years.

December 17, 2008

Author Signing
Colonial Heights Public Library's Holiday Open House

November 25, 2008

Presentation at Cosmopolitan Kiwanis Club.
We appreciated your very warm reception…not to mention your ongoing service to our community. To those of you interested in the Boundless Playground for accessibility to children with disabilities, please see "Darrell's Dream."

October 24, 2008

Teacher InService workshops: Celebrating Diversity and Communicating Effectively. Sullivan County Schools, TN
Thank you to all the teachers and administrators who came to the workshop—we hope you are making good use of those mics!

October 19, 2008

Special People: Special Needs. Jane Schulz speaks to people who have family members with special needs: Sharing session is designed to help you plan for the future. "The Questions We Must Ask" is derived from her experience as an educator and as the parent of an adult son with Down syndrome. Public invited. First Broad Street United Methodist Church, Kingsport TN, Parlor. Refreshments provided to begin our time together. Please bring a friend. "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves..." —Prov. 31:8

October 16, 2008

"Read 'em & Reap" Book Club; 6:30 pm,
First Broad St. United Methodist Church, Kingsport TN

October 11, 2008

Author signing
Food City* (Eastman Rd., Kingsport TN).
Thanks to all who came to see us, and thank you, Mr. Moore, for your gracious invitation!

*Billy works at Food City. See Current Employment Video

October 17, 2008

"Almost Perfect Book Club;" Kingsport TN

September 21, 2008

Jane and Billy were featured in the Kingsport Times News in the Living section of the Sunday paper. Thank you, Leigh Ann Laube, for your terrific story! Thank you, too, Jessica Whitlock and Erica Yoon, for your layouts and photography.

September 17, 2008

Kingsport Rotary Club: Kingsport, TN

September 2, 2008

Kingsport Optimists Club: Kingsport, TN

August 19, 2008

Kingsport Lions Club: Kingsport, TN

July 20, 2008

Presentation, reception and book signing
First Broad Street United Methodist Chuch: Kingsport, TN

July 11-13, 2008

Workshops: Grown Man Now
National Down Syndrome Conference: Boston, MA